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Ontario's Path to Peaceful Divorce Solutions.

Online or In-Person Divorce Mediation

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Your Bridge to a New Beginning

Our mission at Divorce Is Simple is to provide a supportive and straightforward and cost-effective solution for those navigating the complexities of divorce. Our ultimate goal is to alleviate the stress and confusion often associated with divorce, making it as simple and affordable as possible.


Cost-effective packages.

Whether you need basic support or comprehensive assistance throughout the process, we think we will have a package that will fit your budget and your specific needs. 

Compassionate professionals to support you through this challenging time.

We understand the emotional strain that you may be under, and we're here to lighten that load. With us, you'll find more than just professional assistance - you'll find a supportive community ready to guide you through every step, providing comfort and understanding. We're not just about solving problems; we're about helping you navigate this difficult time with as much ease and peace as possible.

Online or In-Person Mediation

To accommodate our clients' unique needs, we provide both online and in-person services for Ontario residents. Regardless of your preference for home comfort or direct interaction, we are well-equipped to serve you. Our online services offer the same level of dedication and expertise as our in-person consultations, ensuring geography is no barrier. For those favoring a traditional approach, we welcome you for in-person discussions in a confidential setting. We're committed to serving you in the manner that best suits you.


Why Choose Divorce is Simple

Choosing 'Divorce Is Simple' means opting for a service that understands the intricacies and emotional toll of a divorce process. We offer tailored, cost-effective packages designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring you don't pay for anything unnecessary. Our streamlined approach aims to simplify the process, making it less time-consuming and stressful. Our mission is not just to provide a service, but to support you through this challenging time with compassion and understanding.

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Filing for an Uncontested Divorce?

Divorce is Simple can handle the paperwork for you, making the process smooth and stress-free.

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Transforming Divorce into a Journey of Healing

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