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Are you ready to file for your uncontested Divorce? If so, let Divorce is Simple file for you.

$750 per person + HST

What is the difference between A Simple & Joint Divorce?


In Canada, either spouse can initiate Divorce proceedings. A Simple divorce means that one spouse files for an uncontested divorce, whereas an uncontested Joint divorce means both spouses have filed the divorce application together and are jointly seeking to dissolve the marriage.

Simple Divorce

If one party files Divorce forms with the only claim for Divorce, then it is referred as Simple Divorce or Simple Uncontested Divorce in Ontario.

A Simple Divorce in Ontario is filed in circumstances where co-operation to sign the Joint Divorce Application is perhaps neither feasible nor convenient due to a lack of communication or non-cooperation to pay the legal or court fees.

Joint Divorce

When both parties sign and file a Divorce form it is referred as Joint Uncontested Divorce. Joint Divorce in Ontario is commonly filed where both spouses are cooperative with each other and are in communication with each other. Generally speaking, Joint Divorce Applications are processed faster than Simple Divorce in Ontario, since the time to serve the other party is not required.

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Uncontested Divorce in Ontario

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