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Simple Tips for coping with Divorce

It's important to recognize that your feelings for your spouse won't go away overnight. And while there may be feelings of pain, anger, abandonment or hopelessness, it's crucial to lean into those feelings to be able to come to terms with them. Taking a look at what was satisfactory and unsatisfactory to you about the relationship, what worked and didn't work, what you want to find again, and what might need to be different in future relationships are helpful in healing from a divorce.  When we can be honest about these elements of ourselves and our relationships, it is possible to learn in meaningful and valuable ways how to recover from divorce.

Speaking to a therapist is helpful to gain support. As much as the left-behind spouse may want to isolate due to their sadness and, at times, a sense of embarrassment or shame, it's important to continue to reach out and hopefully have times of laughter, joy, and comfort. These experiences will also help you to restore the belief that you can and will move on.

At the same time, be sure self-care is still top of mind. Exercising regularly, using meditation or relaxation resources, or scheduling massages helps ease the emotional pain of divorce. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

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