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Packages & Pricing

Uncontested Divorce
C$750.00 per person

Are you ready to file for your uncontested divorce? If so, let Divorce is Simple handle the process for you. Whether you're filing for a simple or joint uncontested divorce, we provide the expertise and support you need. Plus, our package includes a comprehensive real estate consultation to ensure all aspects of your separation are covered.

The Simple Package
C$2 500.00 per person

You've collaboratively planned your separation, including parenting arrangements, support payments, and asset division. To make this agreement legally binding, we'll draft the necessary documents, ensure both parties receive legal advice, and assist with signing the agreement. The final step is applying for an uncontested divorce.

The Voice of Reason
C$5 500.00 per person

This is for couples that agree to work together but want to keep their divorce out of the court system and to control the cost of their divorce. You need professional help preparing a parenting plan, dividing your assets, advice calculating child and spousal support. Our simple approach will help you with all those decisions and guide you step by step through our process.

The Full Package
C$7 995.00 per person

For couples that are struggling to work together, they have assets and perhaps own their own business, their situation is complex but don’t want the expense of going through the court system. You need help, guidance, and sound advice. You are both willing to work together but find it hard to agree with each other this is where we can help you make those difficult decisions.



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