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Divorcing but Still Living Together? How to Handle the Transition ; Divorce Mediation

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Divorce is never an easy experience, and it can be especially complicated when the soon-to-be ex-partners still cohabitate. While it may appear impossible to live with someone you are trying to divorce, it is a feasible option. Cohabitation could be due to several reasons like financial constraints or staying together for the sake of the kids. Whatever the reason, it is vital to understand how to handle this situation carefully and smoothly. In this article, we will take you through some tips on how to live with your soon-to-be ex-spouse during and after the divorce process.

Define Boundaries:

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Living under the same roof may lead to conflict, both physical and emotional. Therefore, it is vital to define boundaries to ensure everyone's safety and comfort. In this case, you should discuss and agree on rules like schedules, chores, and expenses. This separation can help you and your soon-to-be ex-partner stay cooperative and prevent misunderstandings from arising. For example, you could allocate different areas of the house, like which rooms and times each person uses, who prepares meals, and who does laundry.


It is paramount to keep communication lines open during this transition period. Discussing matters that may arise can be tough but necessary. Try to be as clear as possible and avoid assuming or making demands. Be respectful and calmly explain how you feel and your expectations. When emotions are high, try taking a break or agreeing to revisit the discussion later. Communication will help maintain peace while living together, and it is crucial, especially when it comes to your children's well-being.

Seek professional help:

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Divorce can be emotionally draining, and living together only adds to the stress. It is crucial to seek professional help from a counselor or a therapist who can help you manage your emotions. You can take up counseling individually or as a couple. They will help you cope with this stressful time by providing constructive feedback and insight. With their help, you can learn to reduce hostile exchanges and work on

improving communication.

Focus on the future:

While sharing a living space can be difficult, it is essential to focus on your future and what you hope to achieve. Keep the end goal in mind and work towards it. Start planning your personal space or home, and consider what you want your lifestyle to be like post-divorce. Keep yourself and your children's mental and emotional wellbeing at the forefront of all your decisions and actions.

Be patient:

Divorce is often a long and unpredictable process. Therefore, it is crucial to take one day at a time, be cooperative, and patient. Even with the best intention and communication, living together still has its challenges. You must give yourself and your partner time to adjust to the new situation. Remember, things will not automatically fall into place, and progress may be slow. However, if you acknowledge this and try your best to remain patient, you will eventually get through it.

Divorcing and still living together is difficult, but it is a feasible option to consider. With a little effort and patience, separated couples can create a peaceful living environment. It is essential to define clear boundaries, communicate effectively, seek professional help, focus on the future, and stay patient during the process. These tips will not only help you cohabit but also transition into post-divorce life. Remember, the end goal is to move on with your life and remain as amicable as possible during the process.

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