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uncontested divorce ontario, divorce mediation
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Family Law Mediation Services

In-house Real Estate Team

Divorce Mediation Online

Uncontested Divorce in Ontario

Simple Package

uncontested divorce ontario, divorce mediation
No Tears, No Drama
for couples that know what they want!

$3555.00 + HST Per Person

As a couple you have discussed how you want to plan your separation and feel you don’t need too much legal direction as you are both willing to work together.   You have worked out a parenting plan that takes into account your children’s needs, you have calculated the table amount for child support and section 7 expenses, you have come to an arrangement with regards to spousal support, you have divided your assets and are both happy with the outcome.  But you want your separation to be legally binding. That is where we can help.  Provide us with your requirements and we will turn your needs into a fully legally binding document, you will both receive independent legal advice and once that is completed you will sign your separation agreement.  The next step would be to apply for an uncontested divorce. 
What is Included in Package #1

·    Fact-finding meeting

·    Financial Disclosure and review with a CDFA

·    Preparation of separation agreement and parenting plan

·    Lawyer drafted separation agreement

·    Independent Legal Advice (ILA)

·    Signing of the separation agreement

·    Divorce court application


·     Divorce degree application and fees ($750 per person)

·     In-person Real Estate Consultation

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