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How Couples Can Benefit From Partially Settled Agreements Through Family Law Mediation

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Going through a divorce can be a difficult and distressing time for couples. Divorces can be messy and drawn-out affairs that can leave both parties feeling drained and overwhelmed. That’s why family mediation has become a popular method of dispute resolution in recent years. Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process where a neutral third-party mediator facilitates discussions between divorcing couples to help them reach an agreement that they both can live with. In this blog, we’ll explain how couples can benefit from partially settled agreements through family mediation.

divorce mediation


When you go through a divorce, hiring a lawyer can be expensive, and the costs can add up quickly. However, with family mediation, you can save a lot of money. Mediation can be a much cheaper alternative to going to court. Since you and your spouse are working together with a mediator, you'll have more control over the costs. Mediation can be particularly beneficial because it focuses on resolving issues collaboratively, reducing the risk of future legal fees and disputes.

Allows for more control

With mediation, you and your spouse have the ability to come to an agreement that suits both parties and their individual needs. This is especially important when it comes to financial arrangements, property division, and child custody. When you attend court, the decision may be taken out of your hands, and you'll have to accept the judge's ruling. In contrast, through the mediation process, you and your spouse can negotiate and agree upon arrangements that work for everyone, preventing ongoing tension, and conflict.

Quicker resolution time

Unlike court processes, which can drag on for months, mediation is often much faster. The mediation process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the complexity of the matter. This means you can reach an agreement sooner, reduce the overall anxiety that comes with legal issues, and move on with your life as a single or separated person.

Promotes communication and cooperation

Communication is key in mediation. Working with a mediator can help facilitate better communication between you and your spouse, often leading to more cooperative outcomes. Mediation is based on the principle of working together to achieve an agreement that reflects each party's needs, values, and priorities. This is especially beneficial when children are involved, as you and your spouse will need to continue cooperating as parents.

Partial Settlements

Partial settlements allow couples to agree on some items while leaving others to be addressed later. When you opt for a partial settlement, you can come to an agreement on some aspects of your divorce, such as child custody and support, while leaving property division for another time. This can be especially beneficial when couples are unable to reach an agreement on all of the issues in their divorce proceedings. By addressing some of the most contentious aspects of a divorce, you can take a significant step towards the ultimate resolution.

Going through a divorce can be a stressful and difficult time, but with family mediation, you and your spouse can work together to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Mediation is a key tool that encourages communication, cooperation, and the possibility of partial settlement agreements. Not only is this process cost-effective, but it is also quicker and less stressful than the traditional court process. By opting for family mediation, you can control the outcome of your divorce, minimizing future conflict, and keep control over the critical decisions that affect your future.

At Divorce is Simple, we offer simplified divorce mediation services to make the process as easy as possible.

Divorce can be a difficult and painful process to navigate. But at Divorce is Simple, we’re here to provide affordable divorce mediation services to those going through this life-changing event. Our team offers a wide range of services, including family law mediation, real estate assistance, financial guidance, psychotherapy counseling, and recovery workshops, all designed to help couples end their marriage with dignity and minimal stress.

Our family law mediation services are a cost-effective alternative to expensive litigation. We’ll work with you and your partner to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with the help of a neutral mediator. Additionally, our real estate team can assist with selling any property to ensure that both parties involved get what they need from the process.

We understand that divorce can be an emotional experience, which is why we offer recovery workshops to help you move on with your life after your divorce has been finalized. Our financial guidance and psychotherapy services are also available to assist you during this difficult time.

At Divorce is Simple, our goal is to make the divorce process more straightforward and accessible. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve a peaceful and dignified end to your marriage.

We're a team of experienced professionals who can help you through every step of your divorce, uncontested or contested, in Ontario, CA. We'll make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

No matter what stage of the divorce process you are at – whether just starting out or already finished – Divorce is Simple can help you move forward with ease and confidence by providing comprehensive services all under one roof! If you're considering getting divorced, consider using Divorce is Simple for all your needs today!

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